Course Creation Challenge

Course Creation Challenge


I see your passion for making a difference, your desire to transform lives, and your potential to create a coaching business that leaves a profound impact. I know you’ve got a world of wisdom inside you waiting to be shared. But I also see the obstacles you’re up against – the confusion about structuring a course, the uncertainty of what to charge, the struggle to attract the right clients, and that nagging fear of coming across as pushy.

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I’ll keep this simple.

Many of us spent money on courses & programs, because it is our hearts’ desire to create an online course, or to launch an online coaching business that will give us the freedom and lifestyle for ourselves and our families.

What The Challenge Will Cover:

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Attended by over 600 participants in 20+ countries

Join me live for just 90 minutes a day, and over the next 7 days, I’ll show you how to create your high-ticket course and turn it into a business that brings consistent $10,000 months!



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Day 1

(Love Your Who)
Day 1 begins with helping you find your WHO to impact, and how do you position yourself to attract them. If you're wondering how you can attract your target WHO effortlessly instead of chasing them, here's where we will start.

Day 2

(Extract Your Knowledge Into Structure)
In this session, I'll show you how to use the proven 833 Method that over 500 attendees have used successfully to create their program outline and coaching framework in under 18 minutes.

Day 3

(Bonus Implemention Session)
This challenge is different. I want you to have results by the end of this 7 days. Because I care about you and the impact that you'll have in your life, your family's life, and your clients' lives when you finally launch your business.

Day 4

(Activate An Unforgettable Experience)
In this session, I'll give you the COURSE TEMPLATE I personally use to create a Course That Sells PLUS hand you The 6 Questions (TM) that you need to ask in order to create a program that not only makes your clients go "WOW!" but they'll thank you for impacting their lives forever, AND keep coming back for more.

Day 5

(Develop Your Irresistible Offer)
In this session, you'll discover the art of packaging and presenting your coaching program in a way that reflects your true value, and speaks directly to your clients' needs and desires.

Day 6

(Start Your Impact-Driven Business)
This is it. Today you'll discover how to take your dream from concept to reality. We'll show you the $10K Rocket Launch Formula, so that you have the skills to launch your coaching business, attract clients, and confidently monetize to 5 figures & beyond.


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My mission is to help coaches create high-impact, high-ticket programs to reach 6 figures

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