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“After I met Hui Hui, She condensed everything and she brings it straight to the point. It’s a real shortcut. She challenged me to connect the dots within 1 week and I could now publish my first course. I have now my own challenge ready and I’m working on my signature program.”

Berthold G.

“Hui Hui gave us a really simple framework to use. She even got me up on live videos and she just laid it out so easily that a fifth grader could understand it.”


“I have to say this to be very honest that I paid thousands of dollars to famous guru to learn how to do course creation for a year into the membership but I have done nothing. I felt I was so alone in there, I couldn’t get anything done. But after joining this challenge that Hui Hui had put up, in 7 days or lesser, I came up with a framework that I thought I was gonna give up. I am really glad I did this!

Erica T.

“Before this challenge I was a little lost, I was a little confused, didn’t really know how to structure and prepare framework and identify content or calls to action for my course but after taking the course with Hui Hui, I have been able to finalize my structure, create bite size content that my clients will be able to understand.

Doug H.

“First of all I wanna say Thank you! Before taking this Course Creation Challenge, I felt doubtful that I was truly ready to come out for the course. I’ve had the imposter syndrome but this course really given me a sense of purpose and direction not just in business but for a purpose in my life.”

Grace S.

“after this challenge, I have a lot of clarity and I know now what is my mission where do I have to go. It’s like magic and you really have to experience this. You can tell Hui Hui and her team care about you, about your project, about the impact that you want to make in this world.”

Cristina G.

“I am very grateful for this challenge. Before this challenge, I was feeling stuck and losing trust in myself but after this challenge, I got a lot of clarity and I got to understand how to structure my course and finally come out from my hidden place. This journey has been amazing and I wake up every day feeling motivated to learn to see what’s next and saw every day my growth so I’m very grateful for this.”

Marianna S.

I’ve learned so much and I have been involved with different challenges as well. You’re the Queen of Frameworks. You really have a simplistic way of handling things and getting things across. I’m not that system oriented and that’s an eye opener to me.”

Sue B.

“I found it incredibly informative and educational. Before this challenge, I found myself kinda stuck in moving forward and putting my vision together in terms of my marketing strategy even though I had been educated on these tools. But I ended up with incredible clarity, all of the pieces are in the proper buckets and ready to launch.

Bonita C.

“You know you’re amazing! It’s just absolutely phenomenal. So much value and information. I am so grateful, thank you so much. It’s amazing! You gave me a sense of hope that I can do this and yes I really can because you’re breaking it down in such small pieces that they’re digestible.

Rochelle C.

“Thank you so much! My life is starting to change in an amazing way. You touched my heart. I was in a different program, spend a lot of money and got nowhere, but when I decided to join your program, the certainty is no doubt I’m gonna do this and I’m gonna succeed. The way you show up and the way you speak is from your heart. Thank you so much!”

Paula B.

“What an amazing experience that was! Before the bootcamp I was not taking my business very seriously and I was treating it as I’ll get to it when I’m ready, but when we talked about treating our business like a raising a child and me being a mom of five, I totally understood what that meant and how you would not give up on your child that it needs to be fed and cared for whether you feel like it or not.


“Before this bootcamp, I was actually feeling like I was having some doubts about this industry but after this presentation secrets boot camp, I just have this confidence. I recommend this bootcamp to all those who are thinking of scaling up their game plan.”

Su Lin

“Before the bootcamp, I was really not on track, I was derailed and I was stop and go and with the bootcamp I got all the Golden Nuggets, the pathway and the roadmap to success. Now I’m confident. Thank you Hui Hui and Martin.”

Marion K.

“Before the course creation challenge I was feeling overwhelmed but after the Course Creation Challenge, I now feel like I’m able to implement what she’s been teaching and get my course up running. I am thankful that Hui Hui takes the time to teach us and share her knowledge along with her heart that she’s totally invested in the course creation challenge.”

Marianna T.

“I learned so much and just keep adding it on through the layers of what I’ve been learning with the team. I was feeling great coming into the bootcamp and I feel so much greater because there’s so much more I’ve learned and be able to apply all of these even more. To anybody out there who’s listening to this, don’t question yourselves, just get involved with this incredible team.

John P.

🎉Sylvia Got 27k from 2 clients for her program

🎉Gina from $500 to $5500 in 1.5 months

🎉Erica got $72,500 in 2 challenges

🎉Another win for Edmund as he hit $100k in 99 Days



  • Course Creation Challenge
  • Impact University Elites and Platinum
  • Clients' Win
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